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Answer to the question "What the hell are we doing here?"

For believers in God;  This question is a natural feeling for everyone, we always have this curiosity in us. So there is nothing wrong about asking what is our mission of being here, why God has created me, or what am I supposed to do in this life, is there another life after death, how does it look like, and what is it that I need to know about this life that I am missing, ... etc. All these questions are so confusing to many people, but not anymore. Today you will find the best answer for all these questions after reading this post, but be patient and be logical as much as you can, and read through to the end. What is God plan for us: When God created us, he started the creation with Adam and Eve, and the place chosen to them was heavens, the period to live in heavens was forever, that was the beginning, regardless of the biblical different narrations this was the begging.  Was the plan changed? off course not, God wants us to live in heavens forever and enjoy it fore

Atheist approach answering the question "What the hell are we doing here"

Atheist approach answering the question "What the hell are we doing here" The answer to this question is very simple: We are all striving to be good people, regardless of religion or beliefs. We want to enjoy our life without the negative energy, or getting into harming anyone. Just be a good person period. How does that negate the with the principle of considering this life as a training course of becoming a good person by improving ourselves day in day out, learning from our mistakes and correcting ourselves continuously to be more successful, nicer and better people? What is the difference between a person who believes in God and an Athiest; The believer in God still has emotional ties with his raising up history, and all the logic in his or her mind is based on the existence of God. He cannot think out of that environment, as a matter of fact, s/he cannot even think about the question it. The Athiest on the other hand, nobody has affected his way of th