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What Quran teaches us about God, how to do good, and how to stay away from Evil.

Who is God based on Quran; God is describing himself in Quran as follows: God named himself Allah in Arabic language, and no one dare to name himself "Allah" over history other than Allah. Allah has 99 names or attributes, where each one of them give God on adjective, each one has been mentioned in Quran in so many places. S.No Name of Allah Name of Allah in Arabic Meaning 1 Ar Rahman الرحمن The Most Gracious 2 Ar Raheem الرحيم The Most Merciful 3 Al Malik الملك The King 4 Al Quddus القدوس The Most Holy 5 As Salam السلام The Ultimate Provider of Peace 6 Al Mu'min المؤمن The Guardian of Faith 7 Al Muhaymin المهيمن The Guardian, the Preserver 8 Al Aziz العزيز The Almighty, the Self Sufficient 9 Al Jabbaar الجبار The Compeller 10 Al Mutakabbir الْمُتَكَبِّرُ The Dominant one 11 Al Khaaliq الخالق The Creator 12 Al Baari البارئ The Maker 13 Al Musawwir المصور The Fashioner of Forms 14 Al Ghaffaar الغفار The Ever-Forgiving 15 Al Qahhaar القهار T