Answer to the question "What the hell are we doing here?"

For believers in God; 

This question is a natural feeling for everyone, we always have this curiosity in us. So there is nothing wrong about asking what is our mission of being here, why God has created me, or what am I supposed to do in this life, is there another life after death, how does it look like, and what is it that I need to know about this life that I am missing, ... etc.

All these questions are so confusing to many people, but not anymore. Today you will find the best answer for all these questions after reading this post, but be patient and be logical as much as you can, and read through to the end.

What is God plan for us:

When God created us, he started the creation with Adam and Eve, and the place chosen to them was heavens, the period to live in heavens was forever, that was the beginning, regardless of the biblical different narrations this was the begging. 

Was the plan changed? off course not, God wants us to live in heavens forever and enjoy it forever, but that is not possible without having us all in heavens not only Adam and Eve, so Adam and Eve have to produce us, and that cannot be in heavens, because there are pain and blood and impurities in the process, which is not suitable to be in heavens. 

Another aspect, assuming that Adam and Eve somehow produced us with purity in a different process of delivering people, that will rhyme with heavens, those people who are going to be in heavens they are supposed to be good people, in order for them to enjoy being in heavens.

With the free will that God created in us, we are supposed to choose whatever we want to do, wither it is good or evil, but in heavens there is only good, so we will not be able to exercise this free will, we have to have good and evil to be able to choose from, and that is not in heavens. 

God does not like us to be programmed entities acting like good people in heavens, rather he wants us to choose to be good people, and even compete to be good. So being programmed to be good is not fun and it is not God creative plan for us.

So we have to have a different platform other than heavens to be able to exercise our free will and to bring new people to this existence by the well of the creator.

Our life on this planet is a lifetime training course to become good people to enjoy heavens forever;

The last thing you want to have in the heavens is, to wake up next day morning, to find out that your next door neighbor is an asshole. To prevent this from happening God designed this training course for us to go through to end up the good people to enjoy heavens forever.

God created in us, two instincts, the first is we love good and hate evil, and the second instinct is to recognize what is good and what is evil. For example everybody without exception love life and hate death, everybody love being positive and hate being negative, and the instinct that God has created in us with regards to recognizing good and evil, is so sophisticated to include actions, things, people, places, animals, everything and aspects of our life, we can tell if it is good or evil by strange feelings coming from within ourselves. For example, you might love or hate a person from the first glance, or you might have a good or a bad feeling about a moment or a place at a certain time or specific location. Very advanced feelings that instinct produce whenever it is activated. So it will be silly to tell somebody, killing is not a good thing, don't kill anyone. Anyone will consider that as an insult, although no one has taught us this, it is just a given trivial thing, as well as loving your child, or your parents, so many other things that we usually take for granted it is already there in the instinct that is given to us by God as a built-in very comprehensive and advanced feature.

These three elements in us, the freewill, loving good and hating evil instinct, and recognizing what is good and what is evil are tools that we will always need, to qualify ourselves to be the good people who are going to enjoy heavens forever.

Satan, on the other hand, I call him the quality assurance guy;

Satan is an entity God has created in us, he is like the passenger next to you as the driver of this body, and he always suggests evil actions to be executed by you, utilizing your desires and your body. Be careful this is to examine you to make sure that you are not only a good person, but you are of really good quality as well. So you should always say no to all his suggestions, to the limit that he should feel useless being with you. If you reach that limit of goodness, you are an achiever. But the feelings that you have, when the Satan suggests that you should be doing evil, is very bad feelings, and it will be usually accompanied with desires that can be fulfilled in a straightforward manner rather in a wrong and evil manners.

The good news, that God is the most forgiving, and because what we are going through is a training course, then mistakes are expected, and that is how we are learning, from our mistakes. So all that you need to do is just ask God forgiveness and he will always be there for you. However don't make it a habit, it should always be a mistake. Mistakes can be repeated, because of weakness in us. However God is always forgiving, just remember every time you commit a mistake, ask yourself a question, if you qualify to be from the people of heavens or not doing this thing over and over again. You will stop that thing immediately if you are seriously being from the people of heavens.

The only thing that is left as a required tool to go through the life course is the curriculum;

So now we are equipped naturally to always be good people, the only thing that is left, is the instructions how to do good and how to stay away from evil, and this curriculum God has given to Adam before he was descended to earth with Eve. 

Adam and Eve started to teach their kids how to do good and how to stay away from evil, and how to believe in God. 

Prophets are teachers of God's curriculum;

When Adam passed away, many people followed what the satan was suggesting to them, and gradually people started to copy each other, life became a bazaar. People reached to a point where they were killing each other, raping, fornicating, eating anything, drinking anything, unbelievable corruption that no one can imagine. To the limit that almost everyone forgot the teaching of their father Adam completely.

When this happened God sent to them Noah, he was one of them, but he was a good person, and God chose him to be his messenger to these people.

Noah stayed more than 950 years, teaching them how to do good and how to stay away from evil, which is the original message from God to humankind, but unfortunately, only his family and very few people were following his teachings. He then complained to God after all these years, that those people are not listening to any teachings, and whenever they see him, they make fun of him, his followers and his family. So God commanded him to build a huge ship, and to carry in it from every creation two couples, and then God will send a flood that will take everyone except those who are doing good and staying away from evil, basically the people who believed in what Noah was teaching.

Basically, like God hit ctrl, alt, del. Start all over again.

When the flood is over, life started again, and people were following the teachings of being good people with Noah, after a long time Noah passed away, and people started to listen to the satan again, and the same happened again, gradually the situation became so bad, and people started to worship other than God this time, and the bazaar happened again.

God sent Abraham with the message from God how to do good and how to stay away from evil. He started teaching people but they were very tuff people with him, so he was thrown in the fire. When he went out safe and sound, they believed that he is a prophet from God, and people started to follow him and his teachings. A long time after Abraham passed away, again the same happened to people, they started to copy each other with the evil actions, drifted away from the curriculum.

God sent many prophets with the same message over and over again to all the people all over the globe and all over history, and the same cycle was happening, and that is the only reason for God to keep sending the same message repeatedly.

God sent Moses to teach the sons of Israel the teachings of God, to do good and stay away from evil, after he passed away, God sent Jesus with the same message again, and after Jesus Mohammad Peace and blessings are upon all the prophets and messengers, he came with the same curriculum.

What is the curriculum?

The curriculum basically is how to do good and how to stay away from Evil, and how to believe in God. Because the curriculum is something that needs a teacher, God sends messengers and prophets to teach us this curriculum, and these people are not like any teacher.

What is a prophet or a messenger?

The prophets and messengers are teachers whom God has selected from amongst ourselves to teach us how to do good and how to stay away from evil, and how to believe in God. These teachers also apply what they are teaching on themselves first, and they are the example to follow. God has selected those people from amongst us so that we will not have an excuse not to follow them, so if they were different than us like they are Angels, we will not follow them because our capacity is not like angles. and Even if he sent an Angel he would have made him look like a human, and will dress him like a human so we will not be scared from this new creature, and we will follow him as a human.

What is the difference between a prophet and a messenger?

Both, God reveals to them the curriculum and both, have a direct relationship with God, however prophets were not delivering the message from God in a form of a book or God words, but they were teaching people the curriculum using their own words, and people wrote their actions and sayings as the curriculum to follow.

Where the messengers, on the other hand, an Angel revealed to them the words of God in a form of a book or God's sayings, and that is what is called the message from God. So this type of teachers from God, they were the messengers of God.

Usually, a prophet is not a messenger, but a messenger from God is always a prophet. Like Moses, Jesus and Mohammad PBU them all were messengers and prophets at the same time. They all delivered a message from God, respectively Torah, Bible, and Quran.

God never contradicts himself, neither he needs to have versions of his message;

God will never contradict himself and will tell people different curriculums for the same course, good is the same and evil is the same for all times and for all people. 

God also never have mistakes to need versions for his message which is our course curriculum, so it is the same exact curriculum from Adam all the way to Mohammad PBU all of them.

As long as God kept sending the same message over and over again, so people will always follow the right way, by doing good and staying away from evil, and believing in him, then God is encouraging us to always welcome any new revelation from him, and never follow the footsteps of the people before us, resist the message of God and fight with the messenger or the prophet.

As a conclusion of this, we have one God,  one humanity, one message, and one destination which is heavens,  then we should only have one religion, based on the one message of God to mankind, and we should research to find, what is the best source of this message so we will be able to follow the right curriculum in our lifetime course, to become the good people who will qualify to be in heavens.

Why we don't research for the best religion?

We are raised up in an environment where our parents have defined to us a clear direction when it comes to religion, and it is always a red line, to talk about changing our religion. It is implanted in our minds that our religion is our identity, and we should always be in the right way, which is the way that we have brought up with. That is exactly what every parent should do, like exactly what Adam and Eve did to their kids, I can understand that, but Adam and Eve were prophets and they were sure about the message they are delivering to their kids. But we are not, and we just dump our ignorance on our kids, and we force them to come with us to the place of worship, that we were forced to go to as a heritage. Our kids started to hate our religion, and hate talking religion, and hate our places of worship because they have intelligent minds that do not accept forcing them to go against their instinct of recognizing what is good and what is evil. That is why we see this new phenomenon of our new generations to accept anything that makes them good but not religion.

Is religion an identity?

What is an identity, from a scientific point of view, it is everything in you that you cannot change, like your date of birth, place of birth, your parents, and your biometrics. These are our identities, you can never change any of these things.

However, anything else, is a decision you have to make, your home, your job, your car, your partner, your religion, ... etc. All these are decisions that I need to make. 

When we make a decision we have to do our homework or research, what is the best home, car, job, partner, ... etc. we always consult with people and Google, studies, experiences, and we try to get all the information necessary to enable us to land the best decision.

But when it comes to religion it is the red line that we don't consider it a decision, and we are so emotional because of the history of our parents, and the history of our moments.

God will never have sent any messenger if people will consider the previous message an identity for them, this messenger will not be able to deliver any message to the people if they will reject it because they believe the previous one is their identity. don't you think so? That happened with the people who killed the prophets and the messengers by the way. Do I want to be like them? I am not, I like always to do the best research to get the best way and shortest way to heavens, and that is why I am sharing this thought with you.

What is the difference between the three books, Torah, Bible and Quran?

There should be no difference between them, they should all be the same, and they are in the majority of their contents. However due to the fact that God sent the Bible after the Torah, then definitely something happened to the Torah, that caused God to send the message again, and the same applies to the Bible when God has sent Quran afterward.

I hope we will have the time to go through more than 500 versions of the Torah, and more than 1000 bibles and the unique copy of the Quran to find what has been changed or deleted. 

Honestly, we don't need to do that, just the mere fact that God has sent one book after the other is a big proof that changes took place in the previous books, don't you believe so as well?

Why would people dare to change a message from God?

Personal benefits are the answer to this question, and I will prove it to you by the following logical argument:

The four things that God has considered evil and big sins in all his books are:

1. Usury (Internet percentage on loans), lending money with the extra amount of money regardless of the percentage or amount it is forbidden by all the books of God.

2. Getting drunk, having any type of liquid or drug that will leave the person unable to know what s/he is doing, wither it is good or evil. regardless of the quantity of this liquid or drug. it is forbidden by all the books of God. Because simply it knocks off the instinct to recognize what is good and what is evil, that God equipped us with to qualify ourselves to be from the people of heavens.

3. Fornication, sleeping with someone who is not a husband or a wife, it is forbidden in all the books of God. That will bring kids to the society who will not be cared for like normal kids living with their parents.

4. Gambling and insurance, which is selling a possibility, none tangible product or service, that is based on randomness or some tricks, or cheating people it is forbidden by all the books of God.

Do you believe the owners of these businesses are only available at our times, or they have been also available at the times of the people before us, of course, these businesses were available from the first time Satan suggested them to people?

So if a prophet of God will tell the lending companies and the banks owners to stop Usury, do you believe that they will listen and follow the books of God, and if they don't, do you believe that they will just keep it that way, or they will try to convince people that the books of God are wrong, and Interest is a good thing and there is no other way of conducting life, and they probably will try to kill this prophet. That is why all the people are in debt for these organizations.

The same thing applies to the wineries and alcohol beverages producers, if all the people will not consume alcohol, what is going to happen to their businesses. They have to play a role in changing the lifestyle of the people and the books of God that is prohibiting alcohol to be consumed as well as any other drug that will keep the person unconscious.

As a matter of fact, even the government has created rules and regulations to stop people from consuming Alcohol in some circumstances to prevent the harm that might happen from such behavior.

Fornication is happening because of the way ladies are Dressing.  God has created the woman in a way that she will attract the man to her, by her beauty and her body. If she will show this beauty to everyone what is the result that we will get at the level of society?

First of all, she did not dress that way to be available to anyone, it is just the culture that she has been raised up with, which is a positive idea of looking beautiful.

However looking beautiful in front of who, is the problem, when the men are looking at all these beautiful flavors and beautiful attire, which will be an impossibility to have in one lady, the man will be no longer content with his lady, and he has to have other relationships with other ladies.
The average number of girlfriends for a man is ten girlfriends, and for a woman six boyfriends based on Wikipedia, I am sure it is more than that, but let us just limit ourselves with this statistics.

The outcome of these unlawful relationships are children who live in a single parent family. Which means these kids will end up living with their mother basically, a child like this might not have the good opportunity of education or lifestyle and s/he might end up in the streets, best scenario s/he will have no relatives to feel the family ties, living alone with her/his mother all the time, might not be the best life for a child.

Families are nothing but the bricks of the social structure if single-parent families are growing in number if not the majority, then the structure of our society is fragile and not well connected. This will indicate to us that this simple thing of not dressing with modesty from the ladies part, resulted in this humongous society problem.

Virgin Mary, how was she dressed up? was she dressing like the ladies of nowadays, or different? Based on the statue of Mary in the front yard of Santa Clara City haul, she has dressed exactly the dress of modesty. I know nuns dress like that, also our Muslim ladies dress like that, why our Christian ladies do not follow the perfect example of Mary dress? to fix this huge problem that is weakening our social structure.

Not only ladies to be blamed for this problem, also men they have to lower their gays and be content with their wives, and don't look beyond what God has given you, if you do, set assure there is always better than what you have, in all the aspects of this life, you can never get the best out there, and even if you do, the beauty of the new ladies will always be generated, and you will never catch up.

So beauty only does not form families, it is beauty, loyalty, honesty, kindness, love, respect, mutual understanding, cooperation, and following the right religion that will lead you to heavens, will make successful families.

Let us talk about Gambling and insurance industry, these businesses are based on selling people, possibilities not tangible products, if you pay this small amount of money, then there is a possibility that you might get a huge amount of money in return.

In any other tangible business if you pay this amount of money,  you will get this product or service, no possibilities at all, this is the criteria of a legitimate business model, not insurance or gambling. 

The result of having such businesses in our society, is that there are people who are hard working and they produce tangible products to the society that everyone is benefiting from, those people they lose their money, for the people who are not doing anything to the society and they are selling people nothing for huge amounts of money.

Basically they are cheating people, actually, they are calling themselves gaming industry, we studied in the university, a subject called mathematical statistics to know the profitability of these business models based on their so and so-called products.

These are huge industries and are very powerful financially, they are willing to change the whole world for their benefits to continue being in business let alone the books of God.

That is how people before us changed their message from God, that is why God was not pleased with them, and he has to send his message over and over again throughout history.

What is the last message from God?

Quran is the last message that was revealed from God to mankind by the prophet and messenger Mohammad peace be upon him (PBUH). 

What is the Quran?

It is one book that was revealed fourteen hundred years ago, to Mohammad PBUH, an illiterate person from Mekkah, however, he was from the best family, from the best tribe, and his family goes all the way to Ismail the son of Abraham PBU them, Mohammad PBUH was known for his good manners, honesty, and justness. At the age of forty years old, he started to receive the message from God, by the Angel Gabriel. Quran was revelations that continued over time, thirteen years in Makkah and ten years in Madinah. He was implementing everything in Quran on himself, to the limit that he was described to be the best-mannered person ever, and his wife described him to be a walking Quran. Mohammad PBUH was the only messenger of God who had the chance to implement God's book completely in his lifetime, to be a good example for people to follow. All the prophets and messengers before him were either killed, expelled or fought against, they never had the chance to implement the message of God on themselves to be an example to follow, unfortunately. That is why Mohammad PBUH and all the prophets and messengers were on the same religion, following the same commands from GOD. The messages that they delivered might have been in different words, but they are the same in contents.

Why the Quran in the Arabic language?

God saw at that time that the Arabic peninsula was not under any political influence from Rome, Persia or China. The Arabic language was very advanced and the people of Arabia has very strong family ties that will support each other to follow the good and prevent the evil. Manners were something that they were proud of when it comes to generosity, bravery, honesty, loyalty, and freedom from political influence. They were ignorant people, however, which makes them always respecting and welcoming knowledge and wisdom. As a matter of fact, they were always respecting Jewish and Christians for their knowledge and wisdom.

So when the message was revealed to Mohammad PBUH with a very elite language that is impossible to come from an illiterate person like Mohammad PBUH, they were astonished by the words of God.

Those people were rejecting the message of God, because of their personal benefits and desires, not because the message was not convincing to them.

Why Quran is not forgettable and not changeable?

If we were to through all the Quran copies in the ocean, will we be able to regain the Quran again?

Off course there are more than 20 million people are having Quran word by word in their hearts, 600 pages, line by line, with the pages numbers in their hearts. When you hear those people you will be amazed at their capacity of keeping Quran in their hearts. Just ten or twenty people who have Quran by heart can set together and in one day, they will write it again.

They can even review it, more than once to make sure that no one made a mistake, and then we will have a new copy exactly like the original copy that Mohammad PBUH delivered to us.

Tell me which book in this existence has this feature? I will tell you none.

The people who have Quran by heart are normal people like me and you, Quran made them special in their mental capacity, actually Quran can easily be put in heart by anyone, you need to dedicate yourself and put time into it, also it is the structure of this amazing book, and how God has put it together, words, statements, verses, chapters, sections, stories, manners, wisdom, ... and I can never finish.

Actually, I will have different posts talking about the music of Quran that results from just reading it with the rules that God set for reading it.

I would like to explain how Quran is the book that contains the message of God to humanity, it has been written in a way that is very easy to keep in heart, even if you are not an Arabic speaking person, amazingly there are millions of people, none Arabic speaking, who are having the full 600 pages of Quran in heart, each page is 15 lines of text. Quran has the following features that will qualify it to be a very good curriculum for our lifetime course:

1. Quran has only one version and one copy.

2. It cannot be changed, neither added or deleted any parts of it. Never happened for the past fourteen hundred years, it is a challenge from God that he is protecting his book till the end day of judgment.

3. There are at least 20 million people keeping the whole Quran by heart, so if you throw all the Quran books in the ocean, in one day ten people can write it back again, and another ten people will review it in the same day.

4. Quran is the miracle of God, let alone it is the message of God. What do you need in a curriculum other than clarity in the understanding, simplicity, and examples by stories? Very interesting to read, beautifully put together like no other book in history. Once you read it for the first time, you will realize it is not a book that is written by a human.

5. If you have any problem or a question, the answer the relief is right there in the Quran, sometimes even opening it at any place, you will find the cure that you were looking for.

6. You can never get bored from it, even if you repeat it as many times as you can.

7. It is the only text that you can read and it flows out of your lips correctly, and in the meantime, your mind is busy in something else totally different. That is because Satan is always trying to get people attention while they are reciting the Quran, wither they are in prayer or outside prayer. This feature by itself is amazing because Satan will never do that to any other book.

8. Reading at during praying with it, gives you different dimensions that you can never see during the daily prayer, amazing meanings will clarify at night prayer, which is two hours before sunrise.

I can go on and on for so many hours just listing the features of Quran, this book is so beautiful it is really a living miracle that we have from God, no one knows that except who reads it.

I will write special blogs detailing the Quran more than this, just be patient.


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